How to get Quick Assist screen sharing support from

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So you have an issue you would like the lab to see your screen so we can help you fix it? Not a problem. If you are on windows, all PCs with windows 10 (PCs sold after 2015) come with Quick Assist installed as standard.

If for some reason, you don’t have Microsoft Quick Assist or need to update it, you can see the Microsofts tutorial here.

Assuming you have Quick Assist installed, you can check for it by searching in the windows search bar (1).

To get support, when you are speaking to the lab on the phone and you are advised a Quick Assist session would help you first need to open up the app.

  1. Look for the windows start button windows start button How to get Quick Assist screen sharing support from  on the bottom left of your screen. To the right of that you will see a little magnifying glass with the words “type here to search” windows taskbar type here to search How to get Quick Assist screen sharing support from, or on smaller monitors just the magnifying glass and the type to search words show only when clicking. Click the magnifying glass / box with a magnifying glass and type the words “Quick Assist”.
  2. If you have quick assist installed you should see an icon with two monitors overlapping one another like indicated in the picture below.
  3. Quick assist will open. If you are asked to update, follow Microsofts instructions for that. We will then generate a unique code for you to type in to accept us seeing your screen. In the next step we will be able to see your screen, so at this point, close down any screens you don’t want us to see e.g. online banking pages or anything else you may have open.
  4. You will receive a couple prompts to ask can we help guide you e.g. to point at something with the mouse cursor etc, so please accept those prompts if you are happy to do this.
  5. When we have finished assisting we will disconnect from the assistance session and then you can then close down the quick assist application and continue using your PC as normal.


quick assist How to get Quick Assist screen sharing support from

2 minutesread

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