Change Password but keep it the same

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So you are getting a change password notification, but don’t want to change your password. We do for security as do many software providers request you change your password to keep hackers always one step behind. However, if it’s a password you share as a group at your company or you want to keep your password for any other reason. Here is how.

  1. Make a note of your old password
  2. go to user preferences screen of (click the link to left)
  3. login with your existing details (A)
  4. You will be asked to change your password (if you are due to change your password). Please change it. In this case, I typed my existing password and added an extra letter at the end.  (B). If you get a notification on your browser to update saved passwords say no.
  5. You will arrive at the user preferences screen. Click the change password menu item on the left (C).
  6. Enter the new temporary password you just made into the old password and type the old password you was to keep into the new password and confirm the new password.
  7. Press Update (D)
  8. A notification will come up saying the password was changed successfully (E)
  9. Logout using system and then logout (F)
  10. Close your browser completely (this ensures all active connections to the portal are closed). This may close this page too if they are in the same browser.
  11. Open your browser and log in again with your original password. You should have no prompts to change passwords for a while and can continue to use your old password.

keepoldpass Change Password but keep it the same

2 minutesread

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How to pre-register a sample?

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