How do I download multiple pdf reports at once?

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You can request a multi-pdf file that comes with a summary page at the beginning of the pdf on our oil print details all page.

print details all How do I download multiple pdf reports at once?

  1. Select the customer, site and date range you want to export. Remember the date range is the sample date, not the received date or reported date, so move the start date back if you can’t see the samples you want. If you just want one machine you can search on a serial number too. The serial number looks for anything containing that word e.g. “Example” would find Example Gear, Example Engine etc. If you choose summary it will send just the summary page in step 7, but if you leave unticked it will send the summary plus all the reports related to the summary in order too. Choose how you want the pdf to sort e.g. by severity, by serial number etc and in alphabetical order Z to A or A to Z. If you for example choose severity and Z to A it will put the most serious reports first.Press search to find the samples related to your criteria
  2. Assuming something came up you can start ticking up to 25 reports at a time to download. If nothing comes up refine your search criteria in step one and repeat.
  3. Choose send email.
  4. A box will appear asking you to add email addresses to send reports to. If you have multiple emails add them one at a time. Do not try separating with commas like you would in your email programme.
  5. Click request pdf. Wait up to 30 seconds and the alert 6 should appear to say the request is being processed.
  6. As some exports can be quite large please allow up to 30 minutes for them to come through. Note the email that comes through is not monitored so please click contact us rather than reply to the mail pdf serve email starting itk@….
  7. Check your email and your spam folders as this is a bulk email server which sends many report emails, so it often can enter peoples spam folders on first time of using especially since you don’t reply to the email. Your email will have the pdf at the bottom with either the summary or the summary and reports based on your selection in step 1.
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