How to download all my lab data into a .csv file that can be opened in excel?

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This article will cover all the steps to download your data into a spreadsheet.

Login to the sample data export page on this section

  1. You Should see a page like below. Choose the relevant sample information such as site and customer (A)
  2. Pick the start and end date (this is based on release date of the report rather than sample date, but you can change the date type to sample date if you wish. (B)
  3. Pick the relevant machine types (C) you want to choose. If you want to pick more than one hold the control key (command on a mac) and click the machine types you want to export for your data.
  4. We recommend you download the data in a comma separated value file (.csv), (D) which is internationally recognised and easy to open with many programs such as excel. For European users who use a comma as the decimal please use the “text to tables” option in excel with the deliminator as a column to handle the English/US format.
  5. Finally choose the download record option (E) and the file should download after a brief moment of waiting. If you are downloading thousands of samples please wait a couple minutes for the query to finish processing. You may get a popup on your browser to accept the file download.

sampledataexport How to download all my lab data into a .csv file that can be opened in excel?

1 minuteread

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