We produce a lot of content in terms of articles and videos on oil analysis. As a leading expert in oil analysis, I am sometimes asked either to guest write or contribute to publications on the subject and have on a few occasions been asked to appear on TV and radio to discuss oil analysis. In case you missed some of these here are some links and videos of where you may have seen us, and also some of the great media content out there on oil analysis that we have been involved in. 

Car SOS – National Geographic, Channel 4 and Disney +

We were featured in Car Sos Season 8 episode 7 Mitsubishi Evo. This does come up on standard sky/cable channels. The latest of which is Disney plus. I would recommend watching the whole episode as it’s quite heartwarming. However, if you want to skip to just the oil analysis bits, you can see the samples being taken at 12 minutes explaining how to take a sample and the sample being tested at the lab at 15 minutes in. If you don’t have Disney plus or National geographic channel access a quick Google video search for “car sos Mitsubishi evo” will likely find the footage.

In addition Car SOS featured a special oil analysis extended special on their website that you can watch below by clicking the video picture.

img 4042 1024x551 Seen us in the media?

Car SOS British motor show live event.

We have since tested quite a number of samples for the show since it first aired in 2020. Including in summer 2021 taking part for 4 days at the Car SOS stand at the British motor show.

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Live oil analysis demonstrations.

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Stage views British Motor show car SOS stand 2021 explaining how oil analysis works.

Podcasts – Reliability Gang Podcast

reliability gang podcast Seen us in the media?

Will is very passionate about machinery condition monitoring, so much so that he started his own podcast on the area. It’s a great listen if you haven’t tried it already, but we did an interview for the podcast which you can listen to below. 

Apple Podcasts

Other podcast providers

Demolition News Interview

Demolition News is an industry online TV channel with over 1 million views and every weekday and their breakfast show each morning at 10am covers news specific to construction and demolition professionals. You can find out a bit more about them at http://www.demolitionnews.com/

You can watch the interview for the breakfast show below. 

Books and Publications

AtoZofAutomotive Oil Seen us in the media?

Simon Michell wrote a nice AtoZ of Automotive Oil, which we contributed to the oil analysis parts of the piece. Simon kindly said we can upload a copy to LearnOilAnalysis.com so that readers can download and enjoy this publication for free too.

img 0687 Seen us in the media?

The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing has an introduction to condition monitoring and diagnostic technologies textbook in which we were invited to provide the chapter on oil analysis. This is the very first textbook to discuss LubeWear technology. This is a paid textbook, so no free copies to download, unfortunately, but you can buy it from BINDT’s webshop here.



Autotechnician feature Seen us in the media?

Auto Technician is a great industry publication for automotive servicing workshops. We were featured in the March 2022 issue, which you can read the full magazine available on their website here.

img 3857 Seen us in the media?

If you are in the wind industry, you likely will know of the Wind Energy Network Magazine. Oil Analysis Laboratories were invited to guest write an article for the publication in their Oil Analysis Special feature. Above is a small section, but you can see the full article and download the full magazine including old issues on their website at https://www.windenergynetwork.co.uk/magazine/


car mechanics magazine promo Seen us in the media?

Car mechanics in their May 2022 issue had a 10-page piece on how an oil analysis sample is tested with a walk through the lab etc. The journalists for the magazine were actually surprised how much work goes into an oil sample as many thought it was like dramatised lab depiction e.g. CSI programs on TV where the labs take one drop and every parameter is tested on it. Little did they know how much work goes into a sample and how many different instruments are required to test your sample. You can buy a copy of the magazine here if you would like to find out more and read the article in depth. 


car aftermarket trader magazine Seen us in the media?We have helped contribute to articles with Simon Michell in the Car Aftermarket Trader magazine. You can find an up to date list of those articles here