Why can’t I find any old sample reports on the portal?

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Background to why you can’t see all the samples

This will answer the question of why you can’t see old samples on the LubeWear.com portal. It’s quite simple really. The default date filter is set to the last month from the time you are looking. For example, let’s pretend today is the 5th of March. If you look on the portal on the 5th of march the list of samples will go from the 6th February to 5th march in its date search by default (i.e. 1 month ago until today).

So if your sample is over a month (e.g. the 15th of January) it won’t show unless you change the date filter.

Equally depending on your time zone (our hosting is located on an amazon business hosting server based in Australia) you may need to move the to date on an extra day to include anything from today too. This is because e.g. 4pm 5th March in the UK is 3am 6th March in Sydney. Again changing the date filter on one day finds your samples.

Enough explaining why – how do I see all my samples?

Simple you just need to change the date range to include the samples you need (based on sample date for sample reports).

How do I change the date range?

  1. Go to the LubeWear Web Portal (log in if needed) and navigate to the sample results section.
  2. Click the Magnifying glass and the screen should now show additional fields as seen in 3. 
  3. Pick any additional search criteria you need to find your sample. You can remove by clicking the little x to the left of any drop-down box search criteria.
  4. Change the start date to 1 week before your sample date or years back if you want to see everything. It will only work if you use the calendar picker rather than typing the date. Start by picking the year, then month and then finally, day. So for example, use the << or >> icons shown at B to change the year, the < or > shown at A to change the month and then finally click on the day of that month you want (C).
  5. The screen will briefly show the atom loading symbol, which if you have selected a really long date range might show for longer as the database is searched for your samples.

change date picker Why cant I find any old sample reports on the portal?



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Why can't I find any old sample reports on the portal?
Why can't I find any old sample reports on the portal?

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