How to add a New Jobsite?

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You may also find this video useful on creating jobsites, creating new machines and registering them for first time users.

Adding a new job site to be able to add samples points to or move sample points onto is really easy and takes less than 30 seconds to do.

  1. Once logged into the portal – you can do so here click Create new samples
  2. The pre-registration page where you normally send off your samples will appear. You will notice some light blue buttons next to the Jobsite and equipment fields. These will be disabled until you have picked the dropdowns relevant first (equipment needs you to pick a customer and Jobsite first, and Jobsite needs you to have picked a customer first).
    • Once you have picked a customer (2a) (this will often be your company name or the company buying the sample bottles), the “Or Add new Jobsite” button becomes enabled (2b). Click this now
  3. Clicking on the add new Jobsite button brings a popup window where you can enter the details of the site and customer.
    • If you do work on behalf of multiple companies and are a reseller of the lab service you may wish to put your end customers name and site in the job site name.
    • Check your spelling for any typos before pressing create new site
    • Clicking create new site will bring up confirmation that the site has been saved successfully. You can repeat step 3a to add more sites and once done click the close button (3c)
  4. You will now notice that Jobsite is available in the drop-down for you.
  5. You can now either Add New Machinery to that site or move equipment onto that site.


jobsitecreation2021 How to add a New Jobsite?

2 minutesread

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