How do I add new site or sample points ready to pre-register on

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Adding New Sample Points


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You have some new machinery you want to sample, that’s great news. Simply follows these simple instructions to get started.

  1. Once logged into the portal – you can do so here click Create new samples. The pre-registration page where you normally send off your samples will appear. You will notice some light blue buttons next to the Jobsite and equipment fields. These will be disabled until you have picked the dropdowns relevant first (equipment needs you to pick a customer and Jobsite first, and Jobsite needs you to have picked a customer first).
    • Pick the relevant customer and job site first. If you need to add a new Jobsite then follow this tutorial.
    • The Or Add New SamplePoint button will appear. Click this button now.
  2. You now have two options. Copy a machine, or pick one of our pre-made templates. We will first explain the difference between these functions before continuing the tutorial.


(a) Why Use a Template Machine?

If you have used our old unit creation page in the past, this is the same as how that used to work. You pick a machine type, click create and it creates all the sampling points with default fluids. When you come to pre-register you may need to change e.g. the engine oil grade, but is quick and easy and perfect if you don’t have lots of identical machines or are a first time user.

(b) Why Copy a Machine?

This does exactly what it says on the tin. If you have a vehicle for instance running on 15W40 engine oil, an ISO VG 46 steering oil, an 80W90 transmission oil and fuelled by 100% Biofuel and now have another 10 vehicles with the exact same fluids you may find it a pain to on the first setup of each new machine set up all the fluid types again. This is where the copy machine function comes in. It copies all the criteria of your current machine across and avoids extra steps later on. This is really useful on large construction machinery that may have 20+ regular sampling points.

Now you know the difference between the two you have two ways to create the machine.

(2a) Create a Machine from a template.

On the left-hand side of the page choose a Default Template Option. Pick a template e.g. Road vehicle or an industrial engine etc. You do not need to do anything else on the left and can leave Customer, Jobsite and equipment on the left as they are.



(2b)  Copy a machine you have previously sampled.

On the left-hand side choose the customer, Jobsite and equipment you want to copy. DO NOT also pick a template as your new machine will just be a new template default rather than copied machine details. Please notice the “Or” above default template option. If you pick a template that is the same as option 2a and will ignore the machine you are copying.


  1. Now you have what details for the machine type you can now fill in the details of your new sampling point on the right. Enter something unique for the Unique asset Id. This can be a vehicle reg or serial for instance. Engine 1 is not very unique and we advise against using descriptions such as these. Also, fill in the make and model such as Ford Focus and then when done click create new machine. You can keep repeating steps 2 and 3 until all your machines are created and when done click close.

image 2 How do I add new site or sample points ready to pre register on



You will notice your new machine appears in the equipment dropdown list like below together with all the other equipment for that site.


step 4 How do I add new site or sample points ready to pre register on

Now you have created your new machine(s), if you want to take a sample and pre-register it, you need to follow the next step of this tutorial.

Follow part 2 of this tutorial here.

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How to pre-register a sample?
How to pre-register a sample?

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