Registering a Transformer Oil Sample

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We would recommend reading and watching our general pre-registration guide first if you have never used our pre-registration process. This guide uses a lube oil example, but the process is almost identical for electrical oils. This mini pre-reg guide is to address any questions you may have specific to electrical oil sampling.

  1. Rather than a plastic bottle, all the electrical oils come pre-packaged for return delivery to the lab in glass containers. Find the top side of the container and remove the lid.
  2. The return postage bag will be inside the bag. Please place this to one side, but do not lose this.
  3. The glass bottles because they are fragile are double wrapped in foam and a bubble packaging seal to reduce the likelihood of breakage, but care should always be taken when handling any glass bottles.
  4. Once You have taken the bottle out of the container, the test suite you have paid for will be recorded on the outside and a place to enter the temperature at time of sampling. On the reverse side will be a barcode (you will need this K number later, so please take note of it, or jump to step 7 to 10 first if you want to do before packaging up).
  5. Take your sample in the usual way and reverse steps 4 to 1 to repackage the item carefully, but place the item into the courier bag and seal.
  6. Contact the LubeWear swift collection service the day before you would like the item collecting and request an Oil Analysis Laboratories collection.
  7. Assuming you have read / watched the pre-registration tutorials already, you should be familiar with the process of electronic registration. Hence you do exactly the same, except for when creating a new machine type you filter the templates on “Electrical” which will give you a list of year ranges and voltage ranges for your asset. You only have to create an asset once and if you have more than 50 assets to create you can email a spreadsheet of these to us to upload for you. Just select option 2 on the LubeWear swift to help with this step.
  8. once you have picked / created your asset, you can skip step 2 and straight onto step 3, where you can confirm if you are sampling a transformer, tap changer or switchgear. Tick however many you are sampling today.
  9. The oil type will default to mineral, but you can choose Ester or other fluids as applicable. Underneath this box will be the option to select the loading and breather type, which defaults to moderate loading and dedicated breather, but you can pick the option that applies to you. The oil, loading and breather type will stay the same for future samples until you change them saving you the effort of fill these out each time. In the bottle label field you would fill in the K number on the bottle of your sample. Some customers also choose to enter the sample temperature in the notes box as well as the bottle, but this is optional.
  10. Add your sample to the queue. Repeat for any other samples and when complete press send to lab. You do not need to print anything.


transformer process Registering a Transformer Oil Sample

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How to pre-register a sample? COMPLETE GUIDE FOR NEW USERS WITH VIDEOS
How to pre-register a sample? COMPLETE GUIDE FOR NEW USERS WITH VIDEOS

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