Freepost OAL – what is the actual lab address?

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Many customers who take advantage of our Free Post Name 1st class return postage options are often surprised at how our Free post address is so short. This is because we pay for a special shortened address that can be used with Royal Mail. All parcels starting FreePost are sent to Royal Mails midlands hub that then batch together our parcels from all across the country sent this way and deliver them to the lab in one consignment each day.

Is the address FREEPOST OAL correct?

Yes the address is correct and parcels can be sent as any other Royal Mail post. As this 1st class option is more expensive than the 2nd class Business reply most of us are used in day to day business post dealings it is not as widely known, but we can assure you it is a correct Royal Mail service.

Note the Freepost service is a UK customer only service and only used for Royal Mail. So you cannot use the address for e.g. shipping by DHL or shipping from e.g. France.

How fast is the freepost service?

One thing to remember is most of Royal Mail post is letters and these are all automatically sorted by computers on large conveyors. Parcels especially awkward packages like samples are still hand sorted so you with any Royal Mail postage option will never get as fast a service as a 1st class letter (2 to 3 days). There are slight regional differences but 3-4 working days is a typical turnaround for a non-Christmas / non-covid lockdown package. During these times post is prioritised for special delivery and non tracked parcels are much slower. Hence our recommendation is during e.g. Christmas post to use a guaranteed courier service. For the rest of the year if you need the parcel to arrive within a guaranteed time frame or the sample is critically important and you can’t take a resample to use a timed courier service. If not, normal UK Royal Mail is perfectly fine and is how most samples across the UK for various oil labs and other testing labs are sent.

The post office/post-man seems confused?

Most post offices and postmen/women know about the service. It’s been around for 40 years (remember the FREEPOST YOUVE BEEN FRAMED from the 1990s when people used to send VHS tapes with funny clips to show on TV). In the rare circumstances that the person you have spoken to has not been properly trained on the freepost services please ask them to check the guidance/training material from Royal Mail on the “FREEPOST NAME” / “FREEPOST NAMED RESPONSE SERVICE” to brush up their skills. No frank mark or stamp is required or any other details for the address. The parcel with anything starting “FREEPOST” goes to Royal Mail’s national hub in Nottingham where the team assign the short addresses such as these to the relevant accounts such as ours to bill the postage before dispatch to the local depot and delivery to the lab. Hence all the post office/person need to do is get the parcel to the central hub, which is in their training materials on the service.

I need your full lab address to ship a parcel on my own courier.

Please see our lab address details below.


contactOAL Freepost OAL what is the actual lab address?

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