What to get that car enthusiast Dad this Father’s Day?

img 4492 1024x874 What to get that car enthusiast Dad this Fathers Day?
img 4493 1024x689 What to get that car enthusiast Dad this Fathers Day?
Looking after your car is a classic father son pass time. Oil analysis just takes that one step further.

If your disorganized and forgetful about birthdays and anniversaries like I am (just ask my wife), this is a helpful reminder that Father’s Day is fast approaching this June 19th.

For most this might be an obscure connection to make connecting this day with oil analysis. However, for me, oil analysis and Father’s Day strangely go hand in hand as it was my father who with his 50+ years years in oil analysis (which he never lets me forget) who got me into the industry in the first place. I remember at the age of 11 when asked at school to give a presentation on a topic I was interested in whilst the child before me gave a presentation on roller blades and the one afterwards did one on Pokémon (remember them), I gave mine on oil analysis. I even brought some oil sample bottles and showed on my teachers old car where to take the sample. Now I come to think of it my teacher never gave me back those bottles, and, also now I continue to think about it he still had the same car when I left for university 7 years later. The two might indeed be connected.

You may also think what a strange topic to get your son interested in. However, I am guilty of the same. My son loves cars and I have made toys to show how engines and lubricants work which you can see in the reception area of our lab if you visit. An old colleague once joked my son if baptised would have a font full of 15W40 rather than holy water. So I guess it is quite a family related topic for me.

Now I have had my little digression to explain the connection for me, you’re forgiven for thinking that Oil Analysis is something that is only needed and used by companies, not individuals. Whilst it is true that businesses do make up a significant proportion of our customer base, since we appeared on Car SOS in 2020, we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of enquiries from private car owners looking for a one-off and even regular sample kits for their car. Amusingly enough we can always tell when our episode is re-broadcast as there’s always an upswing in these enquiries at the same time! The point is that there is a great deal of interest in oil analysis from car owners, whether they be the collector, the tinkering type, the price conscious to make the vehicle and lubricants last longer or the somebody looking for some peace of mind about the health of their vehicle.

This Father’s Day, why not think outside the box (or in our case bottle) and invest in the gift of oil analysis for the father figure in your life? Depending on the package you go for, for the bargain price of ~£40 we’ll send you out one of our sample bottles with free return postage to the lab. Once we’ve analyzed the oil, a report will be emailed out to the father figure in your life with the results. Help is available online and over the phone for any queries or support they may need at any point during the process. The bottle can be sent back to us at any time and will not expire but can the same be said for your loved one’s car?