How to nullify your oil, fuel and repair costs increase in the current economy?

Cost of living has for the best part of a year been the key phrase used up and down the country. Rising energy costs even with a price cap, weakening currency, rising interests rates, fuel, oil and inflation make for very depressing reading.

It may surprise you to know that oil analysis spend by companies increases during tough times. This is not because labs are all putting up their prices (although some are too), but instead because oil analysis saves businesses money time and time again.

When times are good and cash is abundant people are not necessarily looking at ways of reducing waste and costs as much as they should be, but it is during tough times such as these people realise the true benefit of condition monitoring.

Study after study over 80 years of research in countries across the world covering every continent shows a considerable saving is achieved with oil and fluid analysis. This can be typically with a 10 fold return on investment vs traditional maintenance strategies of waiting until things are broken to fix them.

If you own machinery, do not yet do condition monitoring and your bills are looking high right now you owe it to yourself, your business, your colleagues and employees to read the rest of this article.

How does oil analysis save you money?

Oil analysis identifies wear and contamination at the early stages of the process to prevent premature failures and unplanned downtime. With the LubeWear technology exclusive to Oil Analysis Laboratories the problems are detected even earlier and more precisely giving you even bigger savings. I realise interest rates are going up but you won’t find many products or services giving you up to 1000% returns on your spend. The smart money should always be spent with oil condition monitoring.

Oil Analysis also helps ensure equipment runs at peak performance saving on energy costs. It may surprise you to know a poorly maintained engine with contaminated fuel can have an annual fuel bill of over 12% more than one that is well maintained with regular oil, fuel and coolant analysis.

Oil analysis also helps you save on your lubricant costs. If you have spoken to your oil supplier or looked at the costs over the last 12 months you will potentially have seen prices 20% to 30% higher than just over a year ago. What you may not know is that in addition to rising oil costs as well as difficulties in obtaining new oil that 95% of all oil changes are done too early (leaving money on the table) or too late (potentially damaging your machinery). Hence customers can look to change oil based on condition rather than arbitrary time based changes, so they not only save on oil changes, but the maintenance work and disposal costs because of it.

Because of these efficiency’s you are also reducing your carbon footprint and we have some large blue chip customers who do oil analysis for the the effect of reducing their carbon footprint predominantly and everything else is just a bonus.

If you are seeing increasing costs related to your machinery then now is a good time to explore lab oil analysis.

How can you find out more?

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