Why Oil Analysis Laboratories

Why Oil Analysis Laboratories

Whether you already use an oil condition monitoring (OCM) service already or are looking to start testing your oil, you may wonder what makes Oil Analysis Laboratories different to our competitors. If this sounds like you, read on to learn more and why selecting us as your OCM laboratory could be the best decision you’ve made all year.

Who are we?

Established in 2018 by a pioneer in the OCM industry, Bob Cutler, we are a state of the art, family-run laboratory based in North Wales in the UK. With over five decades of experience in the field, our team includes a founding member and former President of Wearcheck International as well as a Chairman of BINDT Lube Analysis. Our expertise in the industry is unparalleled while our key values of passion, innovation and service excellence mean we are constantly striving to offer the best service and latest technological advances to our customers.


What services do we offer?

We test AdBlue, lubricating oils, greases, cutting oils, engine coolants, diesels and offer a special investigation service for filters, components and deposits.

Recently we were awarded the BINDT CM Innovation Award 2020/21 for our invention of LubeWear, a revolutionary method used to rapidly detect large wear metals. Exclusive to Oil Analysis Laboratories, LubeWear can detect metal particles larger than 5 microns in size when traditional analysis can only see particles smaller than 5 microns. To put this in context, the size of a human hair is 80 microns so if you can see metal in your oil, other labs will not be able to see it with their analysis equipment! Size really does matter as the larger the particle, the more harm it could be doing to your machinery. As we are passionate about offering our customers the most accurate results, the LubeWear suite is included as standard in every oil test at no extra cost.


What makes us unique amongst oil laboratories?

We are a family-owned and run laboratory, meaning unlike many of our corporate-owned competitors, our main concern is our customers, not our share price, which means we have the ability to interact with our customers on a daily basis and work closely with them to personalize our service based on their business needs. To us, our customers are more than just a lab number. That is why we offer free training on OCM and much more, unlike many other laboratories that charge for a variety of different courses or subcontract the training externally. We believe in helping businesses and individuals to succeed and get the most out of their equipment rather than taking advantage and profiting from a customers misfortune. Our expertise and knowledge are recognized and trusted by the best in the business; we’ve been featured on Car SOS, Nat Geo, Channel 4, Disney+ and many publications and textbooks.


What are our plans for the future?

Over the past year, we have invested a vast amount of money into our laboratory, buying new machinery and robotic systems that allow us to process samples faster and with the greatest accuracy possible. We don’t just buy our equipment; we also invent and build our own so we get the best fit for our needs and the needs of our customers. In the future, we will continue to expand and improve our laboratory in order to continue to provide an innovative, accurate and quick service to our customers.

Recently we have been able to start welcoming customers back in person for our training days and laboratory tours, something we look forward to carrying on with going forward. We have also restarted our site visits and are able to travel to our customers, offering advice and information on OCM and good sample taking practice.

For more information, an informal chat about what we can do for your business or to book your very own laboratory tour, contact us directly using the button on the bottom right of the screen.

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