A proud moment…LubeWear acid digestion is now in textbooks and Learn Oil Analysis is too.

You may know I am a big promoter of the LubeWear technique invented in 2018 that can detect wear that is simply missed by ordinary oil analysis.

Apart from the obvious of presenting the technology at international conferences and presenting papers on the subject, we were also featured in many other media outlets. First we were asked to guest write for industry specific magazines, shortly followed when we were also on National Geographic channel in 2020 explaining the process of LubeWear on the show Car SOS. Equally in 2021 we were invited on the reliable talk podcast to talk about it too. In August 2021 we were invited again on the National Geographic live stand at the British motor show giving demonstrations and explanations of our technology.

You may also know I started LearnOilAnalysis.com and my free book series around 2018 to make oil analysis more accessible to more people who may not have been introduced to this condition monitoring idea before.

We now have users from over 150 different countries across the world contacting us for advice on oil analysis including laboratories and end users.

Hence today is a proud moment for 2 reasons. LubeWear although a fairly new technology has now made it through to textbooks and subject syllabuses. What’s more, LearnOilAnalysis has been heavily referenced throughout giving what started out as a small flyer of FAQs for clients into something that is now part of engineering courses as part of the British institute of Non Destructive Testing.

img 0687 1024x768 A proud moment...LubeWear acid digestion is now in textbooks and Learn Oil Analysis is too.
An introduction to condition monitoring and diagnostic technologies. The chapter on oil analysis references LubeWear, uses examples from Oil Analysis Laboratories and uses images from LearnOilAnalysis.com. Book can be purchased from BINDT.

If you would like to find out more about how LubeWear goes above and beyond ordinary oil analysis then watch this short video below and then feel free to use the contact us button below to ask any questions you have.

If you want to know what’s next then why not ask us about our LubeWear 3D service that not only detects wear earlier than ever but presents the particles in crystal clear 3D. You can watch a short video on that too below.