Oil Analysis Labs invited to help Car SOS and National Geographic at the British Motor Show with live testing demonstrations

We are proud to announce we are doing live oil analysis testing demonstrations at the British motor show now until Sunday.

Live demonstrations of the benefits of oil analysis

Our friends at Car SOS and the National Geographic channel have invited Oil Analysis laboratories to give live testing demonstrations all week. You may have seen Fuzz visit to the lab last season, well that wasn’t a one off as we continue to regularly support the SOS workshop with analysis on vehicles featured in the show, some of which will be shown on the stand during the Motor show.

Oil Analysis Laboratories proudly giving live testing demonstrations at the National Geographic and Car SOS stand.

We can’t fit a whole lab in a couple brief cases but we will be doing some simple lab tests live including a ferrous debris analysis to check how much iron is in a sample and infra red analysis to check how degraded an oil is.

What is ferrous debris?

Ferrous debris is the measurement of anything magnetic in a sample and is an excellent screening test usually on gear oils for high levels of iron. When backed up by our exclusive LubeWear analysis only available in the lab you get the most complete assessments of wear in your sample.

Ferrous debris analysis live demonstration at the Car SOS National Geographic stand

What is Fourier Transform Infrared?

Fourier Transform Infrared or FTIR for short measures the different types of chemical bonds in your oil by their characteristic vibrational and stretching frequencies. FTIR is the oil analysis equivalent of a DNA test as we can determine the exact chemical fingerprint of the lubricant. This means we can identify how degraded an oil is, how much soot and fuel is present and many other chemical properties of your oil.

Did you see Tim and Fuzz?

Tim and Fuzz talking about the benefits of testing your oil
Live demonstrations of Oil Analysis at the show
Tim and Fuzz kindly giving autographs while you get your samples tested.
Tim and Fuzz talking about why they test their oil to the audience.
Something really strange happened today at the British Motor Show. I know this is a Car SOS stand, but this must be a cross over special as the stig decided to visit the Oil Analysis Lab live testing demonstration.
Some say he visited the stand to have his oils checked and also moonlights as a lab technician, but all we know is he is called the Stig.

Can you test my oil?

We are doing live demonstrations on some samples using a couple select tests we have brought with us for the show, but if you want to test your oil and get over 50 separate tests on your sample you can buy our sample bottles through the SOS workshop stand. Not going to be there? Not a problem, you can also buy them from our website.

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