From the Highway to the Hydraulic System: A Tale of Oil Analysis Saving Both Time and Money

The other day I was reminded of the value of time to us changes as we get older. When I was in my early 20s I would never think of paying someone to wash or clean my car and would instead save the money and hoover it myself. In this case I would choose money over time. However the other day when on the dual carriage way our 5 year old’s stomach decided it had too many crumpets at breakfast and proceeded to eject it’s entire contents over the back of the car my perspective changed. After my wife and I cleaned the bulk at the side of the road we then proceeded to take the car for a full valet to bring it back to new. In this circumstance we had chosen time over money.

Time and money, the two elusive entities we always seem to be trading off. Even though a decade ago, I’d have chosen to save the money and take the time to scrub down my car, there I was, handing my car over to professionals for a thorough valet. Time had become the more valuable commodity, and I willingly paid to save it. It’s fascinating, the value of time to us as we age. Interestingly, in my line of work—oil analysis—I’ve found a unique intersection where we give our customers both time AND money.

Ticking Against Time: The Power of Oil Analysis

Picture this: you’re operating a wind turbine farm. Each turbine is a powerhouse, yet also a potential liability. One breakdown, and your operation grinds to a halt, costing you valuable time and resources. However, with oil analysis, you can identify and correct small issues before they escalate into critical problems.

A leading renewable energy company found this to be true when they started a routine oil analysis program with us. A problem was detected early in one of their turbines, enabling them to address it swiftly with minimal downtime. Without the oil analysis, this minor issue could’ve escalated into a major malfunction, leading to at least a week’s worth of shutdown. Truly, when it comes to machinery, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

More Bang for Your Buck: The Financial Benefits of Oil Analysis

Let’s drive from the time lane into the money lane. Oil analysis can help companies save substantial amounts by extending the life of their lubricants, thereby reducing replacement costs and disposal fees.

Take the case of a leading logistics company with a vast fleet of trucks. Through routine oil analysis, they were able to extend the oil change intervals, thus cutting down on their lubricant procurement costs significantly. On top of that, the reduced frequency of oil changes also meant lower disposal fees, a clear win for both their wallet and the environment.

Mastering the Art of Serving Two Masters

It seems that oil analysis has done the unthinkable—serve two masters at the same time, saving both time AND money. But don’t take my word for it, let’s look at one more case.

Consider a large construction company. Before incorporating oil analysis, they had a standard maintenance schedule, changing oil at fixed intervals regardless of the oil’s condition. After implementing an oil analysis program, they moved to a condition-based maintenance system. This change allowed them to only change oil when it was truly necessary, leading to massive savings on lubricant costs. Additionally, the analysis helped them spot potential equipment failures early, thus avoiding costly downtime. This was only improved by the power of LubeWear which can detect failures far earlier than ordinary analysis.

It appears that in the world of oil analysis, you really can have your cake and eat it too (or in my case, have your car clean and keep your time too!).

Whether you’re running a business or dealing with unexpected backseat messes, remember the lessons of oil analysis. Here’s a field where time and money aren’t at odds but work in harmony to bring significant savings. In essence, oil analysis is a bit like having a car valet open right when you need it most – saving the day, and your bank account, in one fell swoop.

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