Don’t look back, look forward with Oil Analysis for next year!

Don't look back, look forward with Oil Analysis for next year!

The period between Christmas and New Year is a strange time of year and often a time of reflection about the year gone by before we look forward to the coming year, setting goals and starting new projects. I’m sure other businesses will agree that the past 12 months has been a difficult one to navigate with rising prices, an ongoing pandemic and product shortages. As a business, we have not been immune to these problems but have been able to overcome them and continue to succeed and grow. Many businesses have been tightening their belts or passing costs onto the end consumer but this is something that goes against our core values. We want to continue expanding while offering our great service, something we can’t do if we don’t invest time and money in our laboratory and customers.

This is why this year we have:


Going forward we want to continue increasing investment in our laboratory as well as diversifying and expanding into new areas. In the coming year, one thing we will be focusing on is increasing our failed component investigation services to be able to look into and diagnose more problems e.g. diesel injectors, bearings and much more.

Although the past year has been difficult, it has also been a year of triumph and growth for our family-run business as well as our customer’s reliability. We want to continue this forward momentum into 2022 and our New Year’s resolution will be to never be complacent and always strive to provide the best and improving service for all our customers, new and old because we understand that for you, failure is not an option.


Happy New Year from all the team at OAL.


Author: Katie @ Oil Analysis Laboratories

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