How to pre-register a sample? COMPLETE GUIDE FOR NEW USERS WITH VIDEOS

Stuck on pre-registering a sample? These 3 videos will help you below and have you registering your first sample within the next 5 minutes.

We have 3 options depending on how you are pre-registering all with a tutorial video.

  • Option 1 is for first-time machine samples. If you are a brand new customer or are simply unsure, we suggest watching option 1 first.
  • Option 2 is for customers who regularly sample the same equipment each time.
  • Option 3 is for experienced users who understand steps 1 and 2 fully, but need some shortcut options.


Option 1 – Users who need to add a brand new machine or JobSite Ready for Option 2.

Option 2 – Users who have already created a new machine or supplied a full asset list to the lab and just want a reminder how to pre-reg the same sample points again?

Option 3 – Users who are comfortable with options 1 and 2 and just want to streamline their pre-reg process using barcode scanners, apps or webcams to avoid having to type the barcode each time.

Prefer to read instructions?

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