If you had a tool that could predict an accident to save lives and saved you money at the same time, would you not use it?

If you had a tool that could predict an accident and actually saved you money too, would you not use it?

We all accept mandatory safety equipment because it’s the right thing to do to avoid an accident, but for some reason predictive tools to prevent an accident seem to be seen as a nice-to-have.

Brake fluids can absorb water from air, meaning if not monitored it accumulates water over time. The water boils when you apply the brakes, nothing happens and the vehicle doesn’t stop. Would you be happy with your family member driving this machine?

Hydraulic servo valves if they stick through dirty oil mean your 30 tonnes of load being moved, suddenly has an uncontrolled movement. Would you want to be nearby when this happened?

The temperature of your engine oil can be between 90 and 100C. Diesel’s flashpoint is only around 60C and petrol is much lower, meaning if you have a serious fuel leak you could be driving a ticking time bomb. Would you like to use this machine every day?

All of these faults listed above are simple to identify through even the most basic oil sample laboratory services and by correcting the faults early not only are you saving money, but potentially saving lives.

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