LubeWear.com SSL revoked Error message

Why am I getting a scary security error message?

An SSL certificate is basically saying a website belongs to who you think it does. You may notice the little padlock symbol on the browser. Every two years we have to renew the licence. This has been renewed correctly, but it can sometimes take up to 72 hours when the old certificate expires for the SSL validity services that provide browsers such as google, firefox etc to show the update to the new serial key. You may never see this message as your browser has updated quickly, but for others they may see the error for a few days. The site is safe and you can call us direct on +44 (0) 7504 665 414 if you need any reassurance. Your IT department can also check the SSL certificate status here should they need to here: Check SSL Certificate for lab.lubewear.com.

You should also be able to see the padlock symbol on the oilanalysislab.com homepage and also on this help page you are on now to show the help article is an official document for the portal.

I can’t wait for my browser to update – How to fix now?

The normal option would be to wait to log in until your browser updates with the changes (most sites just have a site is down or under maintenance message whilst this occurs), but we realise you may need to access the site still during this time. Hence please see how to access the site based on your browser. These are basically used as a short term solution until your browser updates. The certificate change occurs around the 21st of June every two years. If you are still seeing an issue after 1st July please clear all your browser caches and contact us as your browser should have updated by then.

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge fix

This feels scary, but just click any blank space on the web page and type “thisisunsafe” with no spaces or typos on your keyboard and the page will load. This is basically telling the browser you still wish to access the site whilst the background certificate changes are updated. You will need to repeat this step each time you reopen your browser on the portal until the update. This is usually within 48 hours, but can be up to 72 hours.


Firefox is a little bit more complicated but is just a tick box setting in your browser. You should re-enable the setting after 1st July or when visiting sites other than trusted ones as this is just a temporary measure whilst your browser updates.

  1. You need to click the settings icon (3 horizontal lines) at the top of the browser and then click settings.
  2. Select privacy and security in your settings and scroll down to the certificates section.
  3. untick Query OCSP – This is the setting that is outdated for the certificate and should hopefully soon be updated on your browser.
  4. Re-tick the setting whenever not on lubewear.com, oilanalysislab.com or learnoilanalysis.com. Your browser should be updated within 72 hours at worst to reflect the new certificate and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience.

Other Browsers

Unfortunately, with all the other browsers including safari on iphones/ipad you just have to wait for them to update. If you are still seeing the message after 72 hours then please clear all browser cache and contact us on +44 7504 665 414 with details of the error message.