How to Place an Online to Buy/Order for Sample Kits/Bottles

Setup an account  / set us up as a supplier

Need our company details for accounting purposes? Well, they are all available here in our company letterhead document. If you also need to set up an account to order samples with us, this is a 5-minute process by filling in our short online application form.

Need a cost/quote?

Once you have set up an account and logged in to the purchasing portal you can use our “help me decide” wizard to help you decide what kits you require to start sampling and provide you with a cost. For discounts on bulk orders above 500 samples, you can also contact us by clicking the blue button on the bottom right below.

Online ordering of samples

The rest of this article will run you through how to order sample bottles and analysis for new and existing customers. This is the fastest way to place an order with us and will be sent straight to our dispatch department as soon as your order is placed compared to emailing through an order request for example. For new orders, the process is about 5 minutes, but for repeat orders, the process takes less than 1-minute so why not give it a go.

Logging in

  1. You can log in to the purchasing portal here.
  2. If you are a new customer who has never purchased from us before and do not already have a purchasing login you can register for one here, which will also allow us to apply any contract pricing you have to your account too.
  3. If you are an existing customer who has purchased from us before, but just doesn’t know your login it will be the email address your invoices are sent to and if you have forgotten your password click this link to reset it. Note this may not be the same password you use for your lubewear.com portal results login.

Sample kit types explanation

  1. If you have not purchased from us before our main lube oil sample kits are 100ml sample containers and the difference in the kits is postage and number of bottles. You can choose to purchase bottles as singles or packs of 10.
    • Single Freepost – A single kit contains 1 bottle and 1 free post royal mail standard 1st class return postage bag. This is not tracked and has no guaranteed return postage time. If your sample is urgent or time-dependent we do not recommend using this kit type as it is reliant on the time for royal mail to deliver the parcel.
    • Single tracked delivery – A single kit can also be upgraded to contain a tracked guaranteed 1 pm next day delivery bag. This will arrive at the lab the next working day from a UK post office to the lab.
    • Pack of 10 with 3 FreePost Bags – We also offer a pack which is 10 bottles and 3 1st class royal mail return postage (not tracked) delivery bags. This assumes the customer will on average be batching 3 to 4 samples per bag. This is our most commonly sold kit, but is not recommended if you are only going to be posting 1 sample at a time.
    • Pack of 10 no postage included – This is a pack of 10 bottles with no return postage. This is ideal for customers outside the UK or who have their own courier preferences and e.g. want to ship in any batch size they want.

Buying a sample kit (first time)

  1. You can buy a sample kit by visiting here. You will need to login to purchase a sample kit. Note the prices shown are list prices and will show in position 1A on the photo below. If you have a contract rate with us the price will only be updated once you add the items to your basket (step 2).
  2. Pick from the drop-down (1B) the sample kit Рthe default will be our most popular kit of a pack of 10 with 3 freepost delivery bags. Choose the number you want (1C). In this example, I chose 4 packs of 10, which would be 40 bottles and 12 return postage bags.  Once you are happy press the Buy or add to cart button (1D).

3. Once you add to the cart the price will show of the order. If you have contract rates the new price will show at 3A and you will see a green banner saying a special discount has been applied. You can choose the delivery option (3B) and then choose to proceed to checkout (3C)


4. The details of your default invoice and delivery address will already be filled in for you. If the shipping address is different to delivery then tick the delivery to a different address (4A). You also have the option to pick one of your saved addresses for delivery if you have multiple delivery addresses (4B). You can add a new delivery address at this point, or if you want to add lots of new addresses with easy to remember nicknames you can do this in your full shipping address book here. All that is left is to choose a payment method. If you are an individual or do not have a credit account with us then you will need to use card or Paypal to pay, but if you have credit terms you can choose PO (4C) and then enter your PO. Finally, tick the agree to Terms and conditions box (4E), these are blue link next to the 4E if you need to read through them. Finally press place order (4F) to commit the order.


Buying repeat orders

5. Repeat orders take less than 1 minute to do. Simply log in to your existing orders list here ad click re-order(5A). You will be taken to your basket step 3 above and can then proceed to perform steps 3 and 4 to complete the purchase.