Why oil analysis?

Oil analysis identifies early signs of contamination, fluid degradation and abnormal wear before they cause costly and permanent damage to equipment. Oil analysis determines when the properties of the lubricant have reached a point at which they are no longer serviceable. It helps in 3 main business areas: Maintenance, Management and Uptime.

  Identify contamination and wear and identify corrective actions such as lube/filter changes

  Reduce in service failures by improving equipment maintenance.

  Establish condition based lubricant drain intervals & maintenance actions.


  Improve business reliability and productivity, hence profits.

  Improve manufactured products quality & reduce waste/spoilage.

  Reduce unnecessary maintenance such as time dependent component

  Assist in product (e.g. lube oils, coolants, greases) selection to allow
your assets to run most efficiently.


  Reduce equipment downtime.

  Increase overall equipment usable life.

  Extend drain intervals, reduce oil consumption, reduce disposal costs and
reduce environmental impact.