Rust Prevention properties of your oil

Rust Prevention (300ml)This test involved submitting polished steel rods to a bath of 300ml of sample with 10% water content at 60OC for several hours. The steel rods are visually inspected evaluated for any evidence of corrosion, in which case any evidence would be considered a fail. The method is by default run with distilled water – (ASTM D665 method A), but can be performed with synthetic sea water on request where applicable (ASTM D665 method B).

Tested On: Steam turbines typically with high risk of water ingress into the system

Diagnostic significance: This is performed typically as part of an annual Turbine Health Check, but should be added on every sample when there is either evidence of poor water Separability of the fluid, or repeated evidence of water ingress into the system. If on an annual assessment the rust protection is poor (i.e. a fail) then water content should be monitored closely on future samples.