Oil Analysis Benefits

  1. Identification of severe machine faults – Allowing these to be corrected at an early stage to prevent a major failure.
  2. Reduce power/fuel consumption – Identifying faults that lead to machine inefficiency / high fuel consumption e.g. a leaky fuel injector.
  3. Reduces Machinery unplanned downtime – by helping ensure equipment is maintained in a good condition.
  4. Improves your reputation with clients – if your equipment is running more efficiently then you are less likely to get behind in production / deliveries and hence the client will have a better experience of your service.
  5. Reduces unnecessary maintenance – this ensures components / lube replacements only occur when needed
  6. Reduces wastage or build-up of intermediate production process items – if the last stage of the process fails then you risk build-up of stock that may be perishable in the process.
  7. Improves safety – Identify mechanical or chemical safety concerns with equipment before they cause hazards to others e.g. uncontrolled movements in hydraulics or fire risks.