I don’t think Oil Analysis will benefit me personally

Everyone in your business benefits from an effective oil analysis programme, but they may not all realise this. Here are some benefits to different job roles that you may never have thought of:

  • Operations / Site / Workshop Manager – Oil analysis enables you to maintain smooth business operations by not having many sudden machine failures that effect your production or business processes. It also identifies potential cost savings by e.g. extension of drain intervals and reductions in waste production.
  • Health and Safety / Environmental compliance manager – Oil analysis is an excellent tool to improve safety by identifying equipment in poor mechanical condition so that they can be repaired. Major machine failures can be dangerous and OCM main benefit is in preventing these from occurring. With Regards to environmental compliance if you are using lubricant you must have to dispose of this when changed and so by reducing oil changes you reduce your environmental impact. Additionally, by identifying energy/fuel inefficiency you can also reduce your energy/fuel consumption.
  • Sales Manager – If you are involved of sales of equipment, parts, lubricant or machinery servicing/repair oil analysis is an excellent added extra to improve your clients’ service. It is a good excuse to have regular client contact to discuss their oil analysis reports. It can also be used to provide a before and after your visit service to confirm the good work done e.g. replacing a component, changing filters performing a machine service etc.
  • After Sales / Warranty Manager – oil analysis is an excellent tool to use when selling extended warranties as it allows you to more closely monitor the equipment condition and give better buy-back prices. It is also an excellent sales opportunity to discuss improved / new products based on the oil analysis findings.
  • Buyer / Procurement – One of your hardest jobs is searching for the lowest price in machinery parts and services. Further, this must also is to also ensure quality is not compromised. Oil analysis allows you to assess similar suppliers in field trials of filters, lubricants or machinery to assess which option is best for your business.
  • Customer service Manager – If your machinery is running smoothly, this means your ability to deliver product or services is improved. This means better product quality, improved turnaround times on order dispatches and ultimately happier customers.


  • Human Resources Manager – If staff are sitting around waiting for equipment to be fixed this means productivity is greatly reduced and when the equipment is fixed over-time costs will go up. Ensuring the business operations run more smoothly, by having more efficient running equipment, allows better management of staff work rotas and helps reduce unnecessary overtime simply to cover for time lost because of lost production.
  • Technical Manager / Aftermarket – Oil analysis is an excellent diagnostic tool and helps your technical team quickly and accurately respond to equipment faults and resolve them sooner for your customers.
  • Machine operator – Simply count the number of times you have not been able to do your job because something wasn’t working and you will realise how much oil analysis would benefit you and is an essential tool to help you each and every day.
  • Financial officer / CEO / MD – For all the reasons listed above oil analysis gives an excellent return on investment, significantly reduces costs and makes your business more profitable