How to take electrical oil samples via syringe

Taking Transformer Oil Samples Using Syringes

Important Note: transformer oil samples contain dissolved gases, indicative of the condition of the transformer, hence drawing oil samples must not interfere with the concentration of these gases as they are used to assess the condition of the unit.

· Ensure all Electrical and Environmental safety precautions are followed prior to opening any valves and taking oil samples.

· Check the contents of the syringe kit: 1x 50ml glass syringe, 1x 3-way tap, 1x plastic cap, 1x polythene tubing, 1x sample submission sheet, 1x plastic bag, 1x plastic tie.  

· Ensure the 3-way tap is in the closed position (handle pointing toward the syringe. (Note that the 3-way tap has a bayonet screw fitting).

· Locate the valve and fit the polythene tubing to the valve and the other end of the tubing fit to the 3-way tap connected to the syringe, with the plunger pushed in.

· Turn the tap to right angles to the syringe (90 degrees) and allow 1 to 2 litres of oil to flow out via the side arm into a waste container. Do not let any of this oil, spill onto the ground and please dispose of this waste oil in an environmentally friendly manner.

· Do NOT pull the syringe-plunger out, but when ready to fill the syringe turn the tap away from the syringe until parallel with the syringe. Allow the oil pressure alone to push the syringe-plunger out until it reaches 30mls. Turn the tap back by 90 degrees and push out the oil into the waste container to remove any air bubbles.

· Turn the 3-way tap back 90 degrees away from the syringe and again allow the oil under pressure to fill the syringe to just over the 50ml mark. Close the 3-way tap by turning the tap to face the syringe.

· Hold the syringe vertical with the tap pointing upwards, open the 3-way tap and push out any air if present, by pushing the oil level to the 50ml mark.

· Remove the 3-way tap whilst the syringe is still pointing upwards and securely fit the bayonet plastic plug.

· Place the filled syringe into the packaging, fill in the sample submission form, place in the box, close and seal the packaging with the plastic tie, place the package in the self addressed plastic envelope and send by courier to the laboratory.