Cold Cranking simulator – putting the W in your oil grade.

word image 19 Cold Cranking simulator   putting the W in your oil grade.

Cold Cranking Simulator (120ml) (Winter Grade Viscosities) – Certain engine SAE lubricant grades have multiple grades denoted with a ‘W’ in the name e.g. 15W40, 5W30, 0W20 etc. W = Winter and denotes the viscosity grade at a low temperature. A 15W40 for instance is a SAE 15 grade oil with a viscosity improver additive that means when the temperature reaches 100OC it acts like a SAE 40 oil. This allows for improved efficiency and fuel economy at lower temperatures. To confirm the fluid performs correctly at cold temperatures a cold-crank simulation is run where a piston is rotated within a static cylinder through the oil at very low temperatures (as low as -35OC) to simulate cold cranking. A variation on this method exists called the mini-rotary viscometer (MRV) (25ml), which measures the cold pumping viscosity instead of cranking viscosity which is usually performed as part of specification testing.

Tested On: Engine oils used in conjunction with viscosity at 100OC and other tests. This is tested on all new products and any dispute resolution to confirm the grade used in warranty cases.

Diagnostic significance & Diagnostic limits: This is a specification testing limit set to ASTM 5293.

SAE Grade

Crank Temp (OC)


Max Cold cranking Viscosity (mPa.S) – CCS

Pump Temp (OC)


Max Cold Pumping Viscosity (mPa.S) – MRV
0W-356200-4060 000
5W306600-3560 000
10W-257000-3060 000
15W-207000-2560 000
20W-159500-1560 000